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Today we will look around at what a wonderful and marvelous place we live in called spaceship earth. As I walk around outside almost daily I realize how with amazement can we even stand up right on this planet at all. When we are spinning at 8000 miles per hour and orbiting the sun at 60,000 mile per hour around the sun everyday. This is amazing to even think it is possible ,Am I right!

                       Then as you look at all the beautiful fields and gardens everywhere which in turn supply most of our needs that one planet can sustain the billions of people that live here you have to imagine how can all this be possible. It is though and possible because of one reason that our solar system and planet are friendly to all of our needs which just keeps supplying always and will never run out.   There is more than enough for everyone here so I would say to you that don’t ever believe that the supply is limited to just a few. God bless you an your’s !

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