Book Work

Today we will talk a little about books. For me there are some books that actually have changed my life and outlook on life’s experiences . One of those books was “Critical Path” By R. Buck minster Fuller. The book is filled with the origins and expansions of life cycles. How Bucky puts it all together is well thought out and to the point, he really put years of Scientific study and truth into his theories and truths about human existence and our earth. If you get to read this book it may change your life also. 

           Another great book is Rich Dad, Poor Dad, By Robert Kyosaki  well written and put out there for the Business owner of today. Good read! thumbs up. He has a lot of volumes so I would start with his first one and then the rest will be a great start for anyone interested in going into business. Other Books would be “The Secret” but don’t stop there , you may find the one book to change your whole life in reading many different ones. Have a great and wonderful day to all!

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