New Outlook!

We have dealt with many issues and now take time to get familiar with yourself in a sense that you should, most understand is, who you are. as you are. Sometimes we look at other people’s problems and compare someone else to our self but have you ever even once in your life taken the time to study yourself?

Yes, we have been taught some things as children and believe me those things we may have learned are not always correct or even right for who we really are as an individual. When you are alone sometimes in the woods or on a beach were ever it may be; really look inside your on heart and mind to actually see what you feel about yourself. It may surprise you because you may not like what you are feeling at all, or you will feel for the first time how alone you really are on this brutal , destructive planet we live on. I am not saying that the planet is going to destroy us but the inheritance of man kind may very well have most of that part in their minds and hearts to be destructive maybe to themselves or other’s .If you would like to know the planet is very good at looking out for us human beings because for the simple fact that she produces her harvest of what ever food we may need to survive each year think about that next time you believe the world or earth is out to harm you. God Bless You everyday Amen!   

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