Full Steam Ahead

Hi everyone , welcome to my blog again have much to do in bring in the new season planting flowers and vegetables. The best part is to share what we have with others for God Yehwah always is with those who share in his kingdom. The modern translation for the Lord is Jehovah and the meaning of His name is I Will Become whatsoever I Chose to Become. Derived from the ancient word YHWH which the pronunciation is like YahaWaha but no one actually knows how it may have been pronounced, its origin was of Hebrew dialect.  Mankind has changed the word to Jehovah to the English version. Also the name of God appears in the Bible over 7,000 times and replaced with Almighty God, or God , Lord , The Son of Man, so you see how this can get confusing but  His name is still the same YHWH / Jehovah. 

Clearly the name of God belongs in the Bible as his name is name above all names. Thank you for reading and finding a more understanding of who God is and the most important the real meaning of His name. Have a blessed day everyone.

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